Sunday, 18 January 2009

Planning Ahead

Another good frugal gaming week. Matt popped round again for some more Necromunda and we had a fairly evenly matched game. Matt eventually won, but as we’re playing a campaign, I was happy to learn that all my fighters escaped pretty much unharmed, as opposed to Matt’s result: One Dead, One Captured, One bitten by a Zombie...

This blog also seems to be progressing well, and it’s already saved me some money. I was considering buying some more Necromunda figures for my gang, but (with my new frugal head on, I decided to postpone it to the Plymouth Wargames Show to see what I can pick up in the show or in the bring and buy. If there’s nothing there I fancy, I can always go to Plan B (buying the figures I saw on the Internet).

The question I raised here about supporting the gaming hobby has sparked a fair amount of debate on The Miniatures Page and hopefully increased the profile of the Frugal Gaming cause. Thanks all for your comments!

I’ve continued work on both the Warlock house and Post Office for Mordheim and started a small project for Necromunda, further photos next week.

I also made my largest gaming expenditure of the year so far, and I’ve got pretty much nothing to show for it. I bought two train tickets to London for the Salute show in March. I’ll be taking my girlfriend with me, and we’re making a weekend of it. I’ve done this before when visiting the UK Games Expo in Birmingham and I feel it helps justify the time and money. I’m not paying to go to a games convention, I’m paying for a lovely weekend away for the pair of us; it just so happens that there’s a wargames show on...


Anonymous said...

Hardly frugal. Hold fast man – the true frugal gamer would avoid the shows like the plague.

You really need to go to a virtual Salute. Get a list of the traders going, browse their websites on Salute day but don't order anything – remember its about saving not spending unless you've nowt left to paint or make.

Go on-line in the evening as see the pics of the best games of the day.

Hope your GF enjoys the day!

Best wishes. All in jest!!

Dave said...

He he! A virtual show, I like it!

I may well start organising 'FrugalCon 09', a virtual show with traders, special guests and display games.

Of course I'd cut you in for half of the virtual profits ;)