Sunday, 1 March 2009

Trading Up

Even after a week of no gaming (well, a solo game of Ambush Alley) there’s plenty to write about, so let’s get started.

Weekly update
As mentioned above no games this week and I even spent a couple of days off work poorly (a bit of a cold). I used my time wisely to have a look at Blood Bowl pitches on the internet, getting ideas to make one myself. I’ve made a good start on the construction and I’ll write up a full ‘How to...’ guide in a couple of weeks. Feel free to hassle me if I don’t!

Speaking of projects, I’ve now put the finishing touches to my ‘Warlock House’ made using blocks from a Hirst Arts. I’m glad to get it finished and I’m reasonably happy with the result.

These are an expensive way to make scenery, at around £30 per mould you need to make a lot of buildings for them to be reasonable. I think I’ll continue to make my buildings using foamcard, and use my Hirst Arts blocks to make dungeons, walls, rubble, and generally add detail to other models. In this way, I’ll soon get my money’s worth.

I also finally got around to making the text wider on this blog (hopefully you noticed!) before, my posts used to look like columns of newspaper print, you should now find them a little easier to read.

I also got out my 15mm US Marines and Insurgents for a game of Ambush Alley. I first heard about this game in the Meeples and Miniatures podcast where Neil gave it a glowing review. As most of us do, I bought the rules, bought the miniatures (I even got round to painting them!) but never got to play it, just put it in the back of the cupboard and forgot about it.

I thought it was about time to bring it out again for a game, so I decided to have a quick solo game to check how the rules work and see how it played. I was really impressed and can’t wait to play a ‘proper’ game, hopefully next week.

Trading games
One of the greatest tools in the arsenal of the Frugal Gamer is the internet. Years of research and development by some of the greatest minds in the planet has now put in place a system where geeks can trade games and miniatures from the safety of their own sofa. I’ve used it for three gaming trades this week.

The first was as a result of this very blog, you may remember that I was looking at getting Blood Bowl and asked if anyone fancied trading a copy. As it happens, a gent called David (Hello David!) got in touch saying that he had a Dark Elf team for trade and asked if I was interested. We traded e-mails and I ended up sending a couple of my games (more unplayed space fillers) for some Blood Bowl and Necromunda minis. Needless to say, I was very happy with the trade, so expect to see some pics of the Dark Elf team on this very blog at some point in the future.

My other trades were conducted through BoardGameGeek (BGG). If you don’t know about the trade system on BGG; you can join as a member of BGG (for free), then on your profile page you can list all the games you own. You can then mark which of those games you would like to trade away and which games you would like in return. With a single click you can then search the database to find users that match your trade requirements, or others can use it to search for trades with you. I’ve used this function a number of times in the past and have done pretty well out of it.

This week I used the trade function and arranged a trade to get rid of an old (unplayed) game I had in return for a Blood Bowl Dwarf team. I also got a request from another BGG user wanting to trade my old copy of Thurn and Taxis for his copy of Power Grid. My friends and I have played Thurn and Taxis a few times, and could do with a new game. I’ve played Power Grid before and really enjoyed it and I thought it would be perfect for our group, so added it to my want’s list. I’ve accepted the trade and I’ll be popping it in the post on monday.

In summary, from a Frugal Gamer’s point of view, trading games is an excellent way to clear space, save money, get new games and it could also be an excellent way of meeting new people in your area. Overall trading games is highly recommended, give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Happy Gaming

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