Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thursday - Keeping Track

I mentioned yesterday that my air compressor cost a bit more than the frugal gamer will normally spend, so has my year of frugal gaming failed? Well, not really. What I've done is made a note of the cost and included it woth the cost of my materials for making all the terrain pieces that I'll be selling at the Lincombe Barn Wargamers Table Top Sale, in Bristol this Sunday.

When I decided to start making terrain pieces to sell on the day, the first thing I did was start a record of how much I was spending on materials and any tools that I bought, this running total has grown and grown as I've bought paint, glues, foamcard, and so on and so on...
However, this means that whatever sale that I make can be offset against the costs incurred and I'll be able to ensure that my my terrain making and selling hasn't ended up costing me money!

It's not very exciting and can be a bit disheartening, but It will mean that I can be certain that any profit I make can be spent on gaming without a second thought. The rest will have to go on the weekly shopping...

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