Sunday, 14 June 2009

Let's go Clubbing!

It's been a good couple of weeks for gaming and painting, I've been attending the Plymouth Association of Wargamers meetings (more of that later) and I've been painting like a demon (not a Golden Demon unfortunately). I finally finished off a Necromunda gang member that I've been working on for a while. He's made from a Black Scorpion pirate, converted with an Imperial Guard Heavy weapon rocket launcher and an Empire Flagellant Banner. The rocket launcher arm looks a bit too big compared to the other arm and the grey on the weapon is a bit dull, but I'm pretty happy with the overall effect, and I'm sure he'll pull his weight on the gaming table.

I also managed to get three Ghouls painted up for my Necromunda gang as well. I run a Scavvy gang, made up from the dregs of the underhive and one of the gang specific rules is that the gang leader always gets to take a small number of 'followers' for free. In the past I've taken zombies (shuffling but with a potentially dangerous bite) and Scavvy Dogs (Rabid animals that zip around the table and tie the opponent up in close combat), but the third option is to take Ghouls who, when they take the last wound off an opponent, immediately take them out of action, which represents them stopping to feed on their prey, yummy!

Yet again, I must abuse my position of power, by putting out a big plug for Heresy Miniatures who make these ghouls. These are multi-part figures that require a bit of putting together, but the sculpting is excellent and I got the results you see above by a simple, basecoat, wash and drybrush. Highly recommended.

My Afternoon Spent in a Hut Full of Weirdos*

There are times in this hobby (as I guess there are in many others) in which you can feel a bit uncomfortable, whether it’s admitting to a co-worker (or potential partner) that you enjoy wargaming and boardgaming, or just checking up and down the street before popping into Games Workshop. However, what I find one of the most uncomfortable scenarios is the moment you walk into a new Gaming Club and it falls quiet, all eyes turn upon you... aaaaaagh! Run away!

A couple of weeks ago I popped down to the local gaming club, the Plymouth Association of Wargamers. I'd been planning to attend since I first moved down to Plymouth last year, but due to family commitments and laziness I hadn't. Anyway I had a whale of a time, I played a game of 40k, using a Tau Army that the Chairman, Orlando, kindly lent me and got resoundingly spanked by a force of Chaos Space Marines. I trotted along again last weekend (I'm a glutton for punishment) and played with the Tau again, this time against Kenny and his Imperial Guard force. I fared much better and was only a whisker away from a draw when the game ended, a really enjoyable game.

Last week, as well as all the games going on, there were also a couple of visitors, the guys that run the Cross Swords gaming club and online shop (I believe the website is undergoing a bit of work, so give them a call if there's anything you want but can't see) were set up and selling a wide range of products at a very nice discount, I believe they attend the club every month, and It's a great way to pick up discount gaming products without having to pay postage or wait in for a parcel to arrive. They were also touting for their own gaming club, which is in a pub (count me in) and meets on a Monday and Thursday night. Apparently they even play the odd game of Space Hulk, woo hoo! Did I mention it was in a Pub?

From a Frugal Gaming point of view, you can't beat attending a Games Club. You get to try out new games, trade games, try out new armies and most importantly play some games without having to buy a huge table and loads of terrain, all for the entry price of a couple of pounds. Though, on second thoughts, maybe a games club set in a pub, with a discounted games shop included, may not be so good for the wannabe Frugal Gamer...

I'd better get off and get painting my Blood Bowl team (nearly finished now), but until next time, whether it’s in a hut, at home or in a pub I guess I’m happy and proud to be a weirdo.

* No offence guys, I only used this title as I promised many months ago to do so. See here.


Ruarigh said...

A good club is worth its weight in gold. I have attended a couple of good clubs, and had a thoroughly brilliant time, but I have also been to a few clubs that were so cliquey as not to be worth anything and I gave up trying to be accepted. Sometimes you get lucky, and it sounds like you have. Great stuff.

Dave said...

I suppose like any kind of club, it's only as good as it's members. Plymouth seems to be one of the good ones!

BigLee said...

Nice ghouls. I love Heresy's miniatures and these are particuarly good.

Dave said...

You're not wrong Lee, they really deliver the goods. (and Ghouls)

Johno said...

Thanks for the nice comments on PAW. It is too easy for any club to get into cliques, and at Plymouth we have made a concious effort to avoid it - one of the committee's roles is to engage visitors, and the Events Organiser tries to arrange things that will attract visitors.

Any club that doesn't attract new members will soon wither away...

PAW Webmaster

Dave said...

Thanks Johno, you're welcome. It's a very welcoming club and I'll definitely be visiting some more!