Sunday, 23 August 2009

I'm back!

That's right, after moving into a new flat I have finally had some time to game, then sit down and write about it!

My gaming buddy Matt has returned from a long spell away with work, so we were both keen to catch up and throw some dice. We settled for a game of Blood Bowl as we now both have fully painted teams. We've been looking at starting a Blood Bowl league, but I hadn't had chance to get a team roster worked out so we just played a normal game. It was a good job really, as my Dwarfs got resoundingly spanked by Matt's Dark Elves, 4-1! Ah well, it's not the winning, it's the taking part. To be fair, it's not as though I'm a bad player, it's all the dice's fault, all I needed was for them to keep giving me 5's and 6's but they wouldn't cooperate!

I'm hoping to get back into painting soon as well, I need to get my Dark Eldar painted (or at least assembled) so I can get some 40k played. Matt, Kenny and I are looking at starting a small 40k campaign which should be good, and I also want to enter into the 40k championships at the Plymouth Association of Wargamers annual show in Feb, which seems like plenty of time, but it'll soon pass.

And of course in the last week it was announced that Space Hulk is being re-released, (woo hoo!) so I'm expecting a few games of that. Busy busy busy....


Jack said...

Hiya Dave,

Glad to see you've got your internet sorted - I know how horrible it is to be without for a couple of weeks.

I've pre-ordered Space Hulk and finally got my Necromunda together, so if you do get up here for a visit I've got a couple of miniatures options for you - plus obviously board games a plenty :)



Dave said...

Woot! Sounds good!