Thursday, 11 February 2010

Arabianknight signing up for duty.

Hello Everyone. Dave has obviously looked at the use of stereotypes in our little world of gaming and decided that using one more won't hurt. Namely if you are writing about being frugal with money you should have either a Scotsman or a Yorkshireman on board. So while he scours Yorkshire for the best available gaming blogger he's roped in a Scot.

I'm not going to bother outlining what sort of stuff I'll be posting here as most people reading this will know the rough "remit" of the Frugal Gaming blog. Over the last year Dave has done a smashing job and the Frugal Mantra of "Spend less, game more" can be now be heard from various corners of the globe almost as much the more traditional gaming chant of "Don't roll a one. Don't roll a one!".

Some of you may have seen my other gaming blog "Wee Blokes" (if you haven't please feel free to look there and boost the visitor numbers) or even the occasional post on The Miniatures Page (TMP). My main areas of interest are skirmish level Fantasy and Sci-fi with a bit of horror thrown in. I mostly use generic rule sets and as such most of my terrain is accordingly generic, so my posts here will be pretty applicable to most readers. Hopefully they'll be of interest as well.

It's a bit late in the year to be announcing my aims for the next twelve months, but if you want to see them they are on the other blog (see what I did there?). I seem to have just added another unexpected one here (and only 7 weeks into the year). So much for Pledge #7 - "Focus".

I hope you enjoy my postings. Cheers for now and good gaming.


Dave said...

He he he, I'm originally from Yorkshire so we now have double the Frugal power!

arabianknight said...

LOL. Suddenly all is clear.

pete the pagan-gerbil said...

I don't think I've ever been near Yorkshire, but I visited Scotland a couple of times. Does that count?

Dave said...

You're in!