Monday, 26 April 2010

Bring & Buy advice

In a couple of weeks (Saturday 8th May to be exact) the Falkirk Wargaming Club hold their usually excellent Carronade show. I hope to combine a clear out with hobby funding and have a bash at flogging my spare items in the Bring and Buy hall. In this show the "vendors" actually hire a section of table for a nominal sum and sell their wares themselves.

I have a selection of RPG books, old loose Citadel figures, small boxes of other mini's (Call Of Cthuhlu, Colonial, modern GW, etc)

So far my thoughts are:
  1. Price the goods to make giving change easy & take loads of change.
  2. Some bags probably wouldn't hurt either
  3. Clearly price items - even if its a sign saying "all figures in this box £1"
  4. Clearly label what's in a box - seperate out different interests - don't make folk rake through a box of Fantasy figures because you've told them there are a dozen Colonial ones in there somewhere!
  5. Try to organise the layout to maximise the number of people that can get stall side.
  6. Check your prices and set slightly low to sell - everyone loves a bargain!
The big thing is I've never done this before, so any advice would be more than welcome. Please leave advice in the comments section for other future entrepreneurs to take on board.

cheers now.



Coopdevil said...

On books, price labels that come off clean with ripping the covers. I've lost count of how many B&B bargains I have with great big ripped white patches on the fronts... :(

Interesting that you have to man the table yourself as opposed to the usual "let them do it for 10% commission". I suppose that way you do get around the problem of going back to the stall at closing time to discover your wares have been left untouched over the back as everybody forget about them/decided to prioritise something with a higher price tag.

Bluebear Jeff said...

A suggestion for figures . . . when you decide upon prices, then paint the bottom of the base various colours . . . red is price A; blue is price B; yellow is price C, etc.

This doesn't damage the figures at all, but makes it very easy for you to know what each one should sell for.

PS, just use a sponge/brush, very quick to paint the flat bottoms that way.

-- Jeff

Frugal Dave said...

Great post AK. I always like the optimistic sellers; the last B'n'B I went to had one guy selling a copy of Space Hulk for £120. Needless to say it was still there at the end of the day...