Saturday, 1 May 2010

Von's Frugal Year: Month The Fourth

Spend less?  Hahahaha NO.  I've shelled out £150 on a Dark Elf army (granted it's a Dark Elf army that would have cost about £330 at recommended retail price and probably about £270 with online discounts and stuff, so I think I came out fairly well there), £20 on extra models for my Satyxis Raiders (just so I can top the unit up and run them at full strength), £6 on a can of NitroMors for paint-stripping metal Dark Elves with, and £21 on turning the World of Warcraft subscription back on (I keep telling myself that if it entertains me for three hours a week it's more economical than, say, the cinema, which so often doesn't).  Going to have to keep that belt tight for a few months (although the ranks of unpainted Dark Elves, Trenchers and Satyxis are having the desired effect of putting me off buying any more stuff).

Game more? Hell yes.  Played a game of WFB against the ever-faithful Shiny (report here, as is the custom), and a few extended sessions of World of Warcraft (I've actually joined a guild now, fulfilling the originally planned function of 'game I can play with old gaming chums who are now scattered about the country', which means the social aspect of the game is finally being explored as much as it should be).  I've also been painting on my mornings and afternoons off this week, and have turned out fifty Dark Elf infantry, two Bolt Throwers and a Sorceress.  Apart from the Sorceress, they are what might politely be termed 'gaming standard' (four colours, basecoat-ink-highlight-done), but when I have close to a hundred models to paint for an army I'm not going to spend the time making each and every one a masterpiece.  Oh, and my Dark Heresy game finally lurched into life last week - it's going rather well, even if I say so myself.

Plans for next month: more painting, more WFB, more Dark Heresy, more making good on purchases made and less spending of money on new ones.  May need to look into a way of moving my models about that's cheaper than buying new case foam from Kaiser Rushforth - I wonder how much it'd cost for a metal toolbox and enough magnets for the Dark Elf army?


Frugal Dave said...

Two words: Car boot. I bought a nice metal toolbox recently with three drawers for a mere £2 woo hoo! I should be stuffin' my goblins into it soon.

I think your nearest car boot would be Stonehouse on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Von said...

I've made a lot of money at Stonehouse over the years. It'll be weird to end up spending it there...

Are you magnetising your bases? How much are the magnets, roughly? Where was the old man I used to call Father when the merry-go-round broke down?

Frugal Dave said...

Ooh, erm, hang about. Checking back through the archives, I got 100 3mm x 1.5mm magnets for £5 from ebay. If I were to buy again though I'd go for thicker ones so that they fit flush with the bottom of the bases. I'm planning to get all the bases magnetised, I've only managed a few so far!