Sunday, 1 August 2010

Von's Frugal Year: Month the Seventh

Oh yeah, baby.  On time, two months running.  I'm on fire.

Spending Less?

Sort of. I confess I did crack and buy myself the Forces of Cryx book a few weeks ago, but I look on that as getting the most out of an existing model collection and informing future purchase plans and actually bringing myself up to speed with the current game rules, all of which are probably worth it. Anyway, I'm going to make it back, oh yes.

I'm also looking at giving the Blizzard some more money (yes, MORE money) to move my World of Warcraft characters about a bit. It's a rip-off. Daylight robbery for changing a few entries in a database. It will, however, put all the characters I play on the same server, which will make the time I spend playing the game much more efficient (since I can buy heirlooms on the high level ones and speed up the levelling of the low level ones, and their professions can support each other, and I won't basically be doing everything twice because some of my little pixel people are in different invisible pixel places from each other). Won't be doing it juuust yet, though, as I need to make some disposable income appear first.

To help me with the spending that I'll be doing, you see, I'm returning to an age-old Von trick: when hard up, sell some miniatures.

If you're interested in decently painted, discounted-from-UK-RRP Warmachine Mercenary stuff, go here and check out my painted mini auctions. More photos, including close-ups of 'jacks and 'casters, can be found here.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and hum the Last Post for a bit.

Gaming More?

You could say that. For a start, I've got a World of Warcraft character to level 80 (finally, only took me the better part of a year), and another rapidly approaching (72 and counting). The plan of sticking to two characters and levelling them alternately (so one's Resting and gaining a period of doubled experience while I'm playing the other) seems to be working out so far.

I've also been playing my last games of seventh edition Warhammer (*starts humming the Last Post again*), writing up my first list for eighth (Dave will no doubt be delighted to hear that it includes a unit of 40 Spearmen, just to upset his Goblins even more), and trying hard not to want to do another WFB army (I think I'm cured; doing two armies for one system is an extravagance! Doing a new 40K army is too expensive for the moment. FOR THE MOMENT...).

The Dark Heresy game is rattling along nicely; we're now halfway through the ten-part storyline I've written up, we've broken out every token and spare die in the house (except the zombies from Zombies!) for big battle sequences on painstakingly hand-drawn maps (drawn in the last five minutes before the session), and the players are starting to put two and two together. They think they know what the Big Bad is and how the plot is going to resolve.

They could, in fairness, be more wrong... but they're not even remotely close to the truth. Not yet. Moo hoo ha ha...


BigLee said...

Ah yes... the elaborate justification for spending money... been there, doing that! Selling old stuff is a good idea though. I've been selling off a load of old rulebooks on Ebay to fund my latest miniatures purchases. Reducing my pile of "stuff" certainly goes down well with my wife, even if I am secretly buying more "stuff" while she isn't looking.

arabianknight said...

Shhhhhh, Lee,

don't give away our secrets. I'm sure our wives never suspect a thing...

Or, as they say, "It's easier to get forgiveness than permission"!