Sunday, 3 October 2010

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future there is only Disappointment

'Dude.  I need to pee...'
This isn't a movie review blog (or a cycling blog) but I ocassionally come across things I want to share outside the realm of gaming.  For the past few weeks I've been watching the Blade TV series currently showing on 'Five USA' here in the UK.  The thing that surprised me most was how good it is; I expected very little of a TV series based on films that deteriorated into farce over time.  However, as I say, it's pretty good and it's earned my recommendation.

Talking of things that I expect to disappoint brings me onto the subject of this post, the Ultramarines Movie. 

The latest trailers for the movie are now out and this straight to DVD release looks absolutely terrible; the animation looks shockingly bad and I'm expecting the storyline to have been written by a twelve year old.

Of course, I may be wrong (it's been known) and I'm willing to admit defeat if it turns out to be any good.  Don't hold your breath.

Games workshop movies/films have been made before, from the infamous 'Inquisitor' movie (now removed from You Tube at the request of Games Workshop (Thanks guys! Though a german subtitled version remains), to clips included in video games (like the excellent segments from Warhammer 40k: Final Liberation)...

...and not forgetting the obligatory poor quality fan made videos:

...and the really poor fan made videos. Warning: This next one has blood and swearing (and Lego) in it:

Though not all 40k related videos are that bad, some have a certain geeky coolness: 

The Ultramarines movie looks like it'll be a disappointment, which is a real shame as the 40k universe has such great stories to tell.  We'll probably never see a live action movie based on gang fights in a hive world or a big budget miniseries following an Imperial Guard unit through a campaign.  The best we'll probably get is an Ultramarines movie that isn't totally rubbish.  I'm not holding out much hope...


The Lord of Excess said...

That looks like the new THQ video game coming out (yet another crappy THQ title ... and before anyone says "what about dawn of war" ... that was produced by Relic before THQ bought them out and ruined the franchise). I don't even see why they would bother spending money on the project if its going to end up being lower quality than a third rate video game cut scene ... disappointing indeed. The backstory of the 40K universe is on par with the best of Star Wars or Star Trek ... I find it much more interesting (at least the masterful works by the likes of Dan Abnett) ... but I agree I think the 40K universe is destined to never be a major Hollywood film sadly we'll probably only ever get low quality junk like this :(

Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

A 40k movie thread and nothing about Damnatus? tsk, tsk.