Saturday, 23 October 2010

Von's Frugal Year: Months the Eighth and Ninth

Well now.  Here we all are.  It's been a while, hasn't it?

It turns out that getting a new job and moving house at extremely short notice to take up said job can occasionally lead to a mild case of No Blogging Time, especially when your home Internet isn't up and running, your place of work forbids access to blogging sites on principle, and every free WiFi sign you see transpires to be a Lie (I think my newfangled triple-layered security suite might be a bit too secure, since it doesn't want me to do ANYTHING on the Nets at all).  Naturally, I've coped with this reduced ability to read/write about gaming on the tubes by actually doing some gaming (shocking) and spending some of my brand new money (irresistible), so here's how it's been going on:

Spending Less - well, from late August to late September I had no time to really spend any money or, for that matter, money to spend.  October has, so far, been spent making up for that; I've shelled out a tenner on a trip to a Warmachine tournament up in Kidderminster, which you can read all about over on the other blog, and while I was up there I confess I spent another thirty quid on a Skorne starter box for that Hordes thing, fancying a change from my Cryx but not particularly wanting to give up the Warmachine/Hordes system entirely.  I've also been spending about six pounds a week on nights out at Dice and Decks, a gaming club in Ross-On-Wye run by some very nice lads who have just started playing Warmachine.

Gaming More - oh yes.  Weekly games of either Warmachine or Warhammer have become the norm; since most of my Warmachine opponents are brand new and still at the battlebox stage, switching to a new faction and relearning how Hordes works has been a nice levelling experience for our games.  I don't plan on starting an epic horde of Skorne or anything; just a nice little army that I can add odds and ends to as and when the fancy takes me.  I've been to one tournament, which was... an experience... and there's talk of doing some at the club as well (a battlebox round robin job in November, and a 25-pointer early in the New Year).

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arabianknight said...

Glad to hear you're all settled in, Von. As for not building a large Skorne force - we all know you're just kidding yourself. Warmachine/Hordes is designed with to many interesting solos/units to draw the eye (and wallet to!) Good luck - especially as I keep thinking about getting a small Hordes force to dabble with!

Nothing epic, like...