Sunday, 12 December 2010

Want to be a Winner? Or a Blogger? Or Both?

The Banner competition closed last weekend and I'm pleased to announce that the prize goes to Lawrence for his sterling efforts.  I'm really impressed with his design and as his was the only entry it made the judging process a lot easier.  Yes, that's right, only one of you lazy lot could bother your backsides to enter the competition, shame on you.  Fortunately, you have a chance to redeem yourself as you can always enter the current competition to win a copy of the book 'Wargaming on a Budget', details are here and you have until next saturday to get your entries in, if that's not too much trouble.

Anyway, back to the winning design; I'll be changing the banner to coincide with the new year, so keep your eyes peeled.  I'm afraid that I don't have a photo of Lawrence, but as he was the only heroic character who took on the might of my evil competition this will have to do:

As is becoming traditional, December is the year when I open up the blog to all you muggles out there who fancy a go at blogging (In fact, I'm always keen to welcome new posters at any time of the year but I get particularly lonely in the winter months).  If you're interested in writing occasional words about any aspect of wargaming, boardgaming or RPGs then send me an email with the title 'I want in, how much does it pay?' to the usual address.

Look out next week for the traditional 'End of Frugal Year Review' when I waffle on for a couple of hundred words about how great I am, before listing some of the least worst posts on this blog from the past twelve months.  See you soon!


Flamekebab said...

It's the middle of exam season at most universities - lots of us are a bit busy!

I was planning on entering but couldn't justify spending several hours on it when I should be working, sorry.

Frugal Dave said...

Exams? EXAMS?! And they're more important than entering some poxy online competition are they? ARE THEY???

I think I may see your point...

Von said...

Lawrence is a chronically underemployed artist - if he didn't have time to turn this bugger around I'd have been very surprised.

See if you can talk him into explaining how he manages to play wargames with an income of tuppence ha'penny a week and all the pork scratchings he can steal; I'd read that blog and he'd be a damn sight better at Frugalism than I am.