Saturday, 8 January 2011

Advice Dog Approves: two things to do with blister packs when they're dead

Hi folks; just a quick one (as I'm messing about with Tyranid colour-schemes today).

Dethtron, stealer of thunder that he is, has started up a series on Gaming on a Budget over on the House of Paincakes. His first instalment went up this week; a set of ideas on things to do with the blisters from your blister packs. Be sure to click that first link at least once a week - in fact, go and do it again now, don't worry, I'll wait - for more crafty tips and fiddles.

As a companion piece, I might go so far as to recommend this piece by the Master Manipulator (every store needs one) on using the foam from blister packs to make a wet palette (something I should probably be doing, given the speed at which the GW Foundation paints dry) without accidentally drenching the author of Lurking Rhythmically.

Right. Back to sorting out those Tyranids. For some reason I can't settle on a colourscheme for them; I blame all that Punk Art.


Frugal Dave said...

Gaming on a budget! Where does he get his ideas?


Dethtron said...

Lol, not trying to steal anybody's thunder, I think the world is poor enough that we can all co-exist. Thanks for the shout out :)

Frugal Dave said...

He he! No worries, glad you're spreading the word. You're always welcome to come and post the odd idea on here as well if you fancy...

Keep up the good work :)

arabianknight said...

Great set of links, Von. And to think I had a clear out and threw a load of blisters and foam out LAST NIGHT. Best get bin raking when I get home - the next collection is tomorrow morning!

Frugal Dave said...

When you start going through your neighbours' bins as well you'll be a true Frugal Gamer!