Sunday, 20 February 2011

Colour Management part 2 - The Good, the Bad and the Bland

The Bad, the Bland and the Good.

As regular readers know, I’m not perfect, aside from spelling errors and horrendous formatting, I’m also a bit rubbish at giving any kind of advice.  You may remember that in 2009 I lectured you all on selecting colours to ensure that your army looked its best.  I then illustrated this point by adding a picture of what I thought were good choices.

The old individual colours; nice in small numbers, but horrible in large groups.

With the release of the new Dark Codex, I decided to finally get round to finishing off my Dark Eldar army (and by ‘finishing off’ I actually mean ‘assembling and painting’).  Anyway, I realised that my exisiting paint schemes looked terrible and I needed something better.  Since getting back into gaming a few years ago, I had primarily focussed on skirmish games (such as Necromunda and Mordheim) where I could focus on each miniature and make them individual.  As I took up Warhammer, I realised that I needed to make an army more uniform, so that it looked better when assembled on the tabletop. 

Casting the individuality of my Dark Eldar aside I stripped off the paint  and began painting them in a bone colour (as shown at the top of the page) to give uniformity and to avoid the generic purple Dark Eldar army look.  Unfortunately, as nice as this colour was, it was quite dull and didn’t show up very well against my grey gaming board.  Dammit.

So after a bit more paint stripping (my flat really is starting to smell like an old people’s home now), I decided to go for something brighter.  Ice blue seemed appropriate.  So here they are, bright blue, easy to spot on the battlefield, and most importantly of all, not purple.
Not the most amazing colour scheme, but not purple.

Happy gaming


The Angry Lurker said...

....but a lot better, nice work.

Captain Obvious said...

Only problem i have with this is......Who are you to tell people how to paint their armies? If some kid wants to paint all his orks yellow and red let him. Until you start buying my models ill paint my models any color scheme id like.

Frugal Dave said...

Thanks AL!

As for you, 'Captain Obvious', you missed the vote. I'm now the internet guru for painting model soldiers, any colour schemes must be approved by me. I've sent some of my agents round to where 'some kid' lives and I'm taking his toys off him. Careful what you say or you'll be next.

Frugal Dave said...
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