Saturday, 19 March 2011

Party Time!

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 Okay, this has got a little bit out of hand.  I'm a gamer yelling at the other gamers to spend less money on gaming and I seem to have accrued a few followers.  As I write this, the blog has 179 followers and there's a distinct possibility that in the next few weeks it could pass 200.  If (I'm too much of a pessimist to say 'when') I do pass the 200 followers mark, I propose that we have some sort of celebration, probably involving me giving some prizes away or whatever, maybe a competition, maybe lots of little prizes? 

My question to you is, what the hell shall we do?  Any ideas?


Karitas said...

I put up a similar post when I was reaching a similar milestone.

You know the best bit of advice I got from that?

Rogue pom said -"Who says there is a need for there to be a give away. Each blogger gives to the community with each post they make - is more needed than that.

Without sounding too corny, its your ideas that you share through posting that makes people come and read. Ideas that can be 'borrowed' and used the world over."

So for me, the simple answer is, Just keep doing what you do. I come here for the content, I dont come for prizes.

Just keep it up man, and well done!

LoneIslander said...


Matt said...

Giving away prizes doesn't seem very frugal... Could you give something away and get something back in return? A frugal 'swapshop'? I think Karitas is right though, just keep writing a great blog!

Frugal Dave said...

Cheers Guys, thanks for your kind words! It's just my way of saying thanks to everyone who's supported this blog over the past couple of years.

I like the idea of a 'Frugal Swap Shop' or even a Frugal Amnesty where evryone send in their old gaming paraphernalia and one lucky reader wins the lot! Could it work?

Frugal Dave said...

Oh my word. I'll never get to 200 followers with spelling and grammar like that...