Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Vonnington, Vonnington, where have you been?

Or, as they say in the old country, "'ere bey, where you bin?"

It's that time of year again: the time when actual gaming begins to edge out typing nonsense about gaming on the Internet.  Life on the miniatures front has slowed down somewhat of late, since I don't live anywhere near the Dice and Decks lads any more and have yet to rally the local Warmachine crowd around my banner (steps are being taken and I've been pleasantly surprised to find battle boxes hiding on various people's shelves around the town - now to get the wretched things onto the table!).

However, life in roleplaying has kicked up a gear, and with remarkable frugality too, as I'm currently playing a game I actually own nothing for.
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See, the thing about roleplaying is that not everyone needs everything, if you catch my drift.  Most seasoned roleplayers possess dice in abundance (although recent events have led me to believe that I could do with another d20 or two).  If the gaming group has access to two or three core rulebooks and one copy of any supplements that are needed, that usually does the job.

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This sort of thing is hardly a requirement just to play the game a couple of times a week, after all.

I recently parted with my hoard of No Quarter magazines, in accordance with certain sage wisdom that invites us to inquire whether we actually gain anything for our time and money.  Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I did at the time; the roleplaying content in No Quarter is generally of excellent quality and the terrain building articles are very inspirational, if unhelpfully US-centric in their materials listings and purchase advice.  However, the magazine is not endlessly re-readable, and hoarding paper copies as insurance against that One Day when the article might come in handy is somewhat cumbersome, especially when you move house as often as I do, so I've traded them all away (except for the two which cover new model types for Warmahordes - it's still cheaper to buy two magazines for the sake of two articles than to buy a whole new rulebook for the sake of four pages).  Before I passed them on to their new owner, though, I did take the liberty of scanning in the articles I was still interested in, just in case that One Day comes around.


The Angry Lurker said...

Like a boy scout, your always prepared.

Frugal Dave said...

Strange, this morning I was actually considering the logistics of scanning all my old White Dwarf and 2000AD mags and getting rid of the originals!
Psychic link, woooo!

Trey said...

I've considered magazine scanning--though more for professional journals than gaming mags--but I never seem to get around to it for either.

Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

I know I've roleplayed with more than one person who is a few sourcebooks short of a collection if you know what I mean.

Von said...

@The Angry Lurker - I lasted about four hours in the Scouts. It was all that pledging to Do My Best and plain-chant stuff at the best. Even at the age of ten, I knew cultist behaviour when I saw it. Starts with pledging and merit badges, ends with summoning Cthulhu from the raveny deeps.

@Frugal Dave - either you're a spooooooky mind-reader or you read the draft of this post at some point in the two months that it's been clagging up our Blogger Dashboard. Who knows or dares to dream?

@Trey - On the subject of professional journals, can you (or anyone) recommend me a decent, free/cheap, ideally open source PDF editor? I'd miss annotating too much to just scan my reference files in, but it would cut down on a lot of shelf space if those eight folders of research and teaching resources weren't there...

@Dave - Ambiguity is fun, isn't it?