Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It's finally come to an end...

After a couple of years of posting on the subject, I’ve decided to call an end to it.  After hours spent blogging about it, I’m done.  I’m finished.  It’s all over. 
That’s right, I’ve finally completed my Orc and Goblin army!  I’ve now got 2400pts of tournament standard painted army ready to go, woo hoo!  It’s been a large undertaking, it’s been a challenge and it’s been a pain in the arse, but it’s complete.

The (proxy) Black Orcs get ready to do what they do best.  Hit things.  Hard.
 I’ve been painting for years, but it has always been figures for small scale skirmish games such as Necromunda and Mordheim, so I didn’t realise how much work would be required.  It only took painting the first unit before I realised that my usual painting style was far too slow and detailed to get me through in a reasonable amount of time.  I had to learn to paint a lot quicker, trying dips, all-over washes and loads of drybrushing in an attempt to get figures on the table.  I learnt the importance of making sure that units rank up and I realised that when painting an army, it was the overall effect that was the most important thing, not each individual model.  It took a while for me to get the idea, but I was happy when it finally happened!

It wasn’t all hard work though, I had great fun making some of the pieces; the rocklobber, the maggot hoppers, the spider riding boss and my own personal favourite; the snotling pumpwagons.
Some of the rough sketches for my Rocklobber
This is the first full army that I’ve painted so I’m feeling quite proud of myself.  I’ve learned some good painting skills, and probably picked up some bad ones as well.  I’ve already got plans in place for my next fantasy army, and I’ll be using what I’ve learned on the greenskins to great effect.

Of course, I know that no army is ever fully ‘finished’ I’ll be repainting some of the units and adding the odd piece, but the rush is now over and I can focus on actually playing with it. I’ve got my first game with a fully painted full size army at the club tomorrow night (appropriately enough, against Dwarfs!) so I’m looking forward to seeing if fielding a finished army improves my luck at all. 

I’ll add a few photos from the battle in the next couple of days and let you know the result :)

Happy Gaming

P.S. You can find all the stories of my work completing my army by clicking on the ‘goblins’ label.

P.P.S.  A big 'Hello' to all my fellow greenskin generals who may be visiting from 'Da Warpath'.  Check it out peeps!


Mike Sweetman said...


kingsleypark said...

Well done!! It's always a sweet feeling to know that you have finished a task, regardless of how long it actually takes.

Just wish I was able to get that feeling a bit more regularly with my own queue of tasks!

scottsz said...

Many congrats!

LoneIslander said...

Good going bro, gratz

Anonymous said...

Bold choice for your first army - and well done indeed, you've done something I haven't the patience for these days.

arabianknight said...

Well done that, Man.

Knowing how I feel when I've only finished a 10 figure warband I can hardly imagine a whole army that size - you must be totally chuffed!

Just make sure it gets good use now.

Itinerant Hobbyist said...

Congratulations. I'm still raising a WWII 6mm army. This hobby sucks you in. I need to go back and look at your past entries.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us.