Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Mission

Time to expand a little. My mission is to ‘Spend as little as possible on Wargaming and Boardgaming’, for non-gamers, this may seem like a pretty easy task, but most gamers can see how difficult it may be.

Obviously, gaming, painting and modelling is a hobby that I enjoy so I don’t want to miss out on the time spent on it. Neither do I want to save any money by using plastic army men instead of 28mm figures. The challenge, the mission, is to continue gaming, painting and modelling as i do now, but by spending less money. How can this be achieved?

I’ve got a few ideas, that I’ll be revealing as we progress through the year, but here are a few to get started with:

  • Paint what you have. Yes, the oldest and most obvious money saving tip. Most miniatures painters have a substantial weight of unpainted lead (and plastic) sat on a shelf, yet still buy more. I intend to paint what I have, before rushing out and buying more!
  • Game what you have. Another old favourite. Many gamers have rulebooks, miniatures and terrain all ready to go for a game system, but have yet to play it, or played it only a couple of times. The excitement of getting into a new gaming system is fantastic, but I’ve got plenty of systems I’ve yet to play.

The second tip is quite interesting and links into my Secondary Objective (‘Game More’) so hopefully, it should work out quite well.


Dave Gamer said...

You also didn't mention - "selling what you don't want to fund new projects"

Dave said...

Damn right! I'll be including that as part of my ultimate goal (making money).