Sunday, 14 December 2008

Secondary Objective

If the main task for me during the coming year is to save money on gaming, my secondary task is to game more. This was partially introduced to make sure that I don’t save my gaming money by simply giving up gaming, rather to use my initiative and buy sensibly.

More gaming sounds easy, but can often be pretty difficult. My friends who I boardgame with often get busy with work (as can I) so getting everyone together for an evening can be a bit of a challenge. I have a local gaming club, which I have yet to visit, that would guarantee me an afternoon of gaming every sunday, but again, life often gets in the way. On the sundays that I am free, I invariably ‘can’t be bothered’ to go along to the club and end up sat at home, painting more miniatures, wishing I’d gone along. I’m going to have to overcome my laziness and get along.

Whereas my reduction in spending may be hard to gauge, my level of gaming should be easier to keep track of. I input all my games played into Boardgamegeek (BGG) which records them all in my personal profile, I’ve done this for the last year or so, so I’ve got a baseline to compare my gaming to. The widget on the right of your screen is powered by BGG and shows the games I’ve recently played, you can click on the images to go to BGG for more information.

While gaming more is my secondary objective, I take it to be as important as my main mission. As obvious as it sounds, gaming as a hobby requires getting out and playing games, I'm sure that I’ll be able to significantly improve my gaming total for the year. Can’t wait!

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