Tuesday, 16 December 2008

What’s the Point?

It just occurred to me that I haven’t actually said what I’m going to be doing. I’ve mentioned that I’ll be spending less, making more sensible purchases and so on, but what will I be writing? What form will my posts take? Of course, a year’s worth of posts of me saying ‘didn’t spend any money on minis today’ isn’t going to be too exciting.

My plan is to include:

  • Money saving tips (good ones).
  • Links to money saving sites.
  • Roundups of ongoing competitions
  • Links to useful modelling and gaming articles.
  • Reviews of Blogs and Podcasts
  • Product reviews
  • Lots of pictures of what I’ve been up to.

And of course; updates on how my mission to be a frugal gamer is ongoing. So expect lots of variety and a positive outlook on improving your gaming and your wallet.


Ruarigh said...

Great idea and good luck. This is just the sort of inspiration I need to deal with my own over-bloated lead mountain. I look forward to seeing how you progress. More gaming has to be a good thing. Spending less is also a good thing and so is completing existing projects rather than buying new ones.

Dave said...

Thanks Ruarigh. I hope to inspire a few others to scale their lead pile, I'm currently sat at my desk looking at a half painted plastic shark. It's definitely near the top of my list...

Ruarigh said...

Just posted again on TMP (I am wukong) about this. My regular gaming partner and I just discussed it tonight and agreed to try something similar. One manageable project per month from those that we already have. First game of each month is the last month's project. We plan to blog it as an incentive to complete the projects. Should be interesting. All I need is a catchy name for the blog.

Patrick Smyrl said...

I like it. I have been conciously trying not to buy as much stuff and play more, even if it is just a small solo skirmish.

I am considering swearing off buying and miniatures in 2009 and just work on my backlog.

I look forward to seeing the projects you complete.

El Grego said...

Good luck with this, Dave. I am rethinking some of my projects, maybe even to switch scales - 6mm from 28mm, and save the big minis for skirmish games.

I've bookmarked your blog also...

Ian said...

Did you paint the figures in the picture at the top of your blog?

If so, you could add painting minis for others in return for cash as a way to make $

Dave said...

Thanks Ian, I did paint them myself. I'd love to sell some of my painted figures but it takes me so long to get them done, I wouldn't want to part with them for any price!

It could well be something that I look at for a future blog post though.