Sunday, 26 July 2009

Games Workshop - An Apology

Dear Games Workshop

My name is Dave and I have been a buyer and user of your products for many years. During this time I have made many comments to friends and other gamers about the terrible business practices of your company and how there are many improvements that can be made. However recent events have caused me to change my opinion.

This last week I have had my 11 year old son staying with me and he has needed constant entertaining. I have never been a fan of sitting children in front of a TV or computer screen for hours at a time, and the weather here in Plymouth has been pretty bad, so picnics on the beach were out of the question.

At the moment, to take my son out for the day is pretty pricey; to go on the bus to the cinema and get some popcorn can be nearly £30 for a total of a couple of hours entertainment. A trip on the local steam railway is about the same price for the same amount of time.
Whilst walking through town, we went into our local Games Workshop and I decided to splash out some money on the Battle for Skull Pass boxset. We got it home and started snipping plastic, gluing models and painting.

As soon as we had the models assembled we played a number of games which were easy to learn and provided great fun. Even when not playing or painting, I could sit my son down with a copy of the rulebook and let him read the background and look at the amazing illustrations.

Overall, we found The Battle for Skull Pass to be excellent quality and value for money and it provided hours of entertainment all in a single box.

So I apologise for all the years of insults, all the bad words and all the negative criticism, I am now officially a fanboy and you can do no wrong. Until the next price rise.

Kindest Regards


The Frugal Gamer


RonSaikowski said...

Very funny, but all kidding aside, glad to hear you had a way to connect with your Son.

Bloodthirster said...

I'am glad to hear to hear you found something to do with your son. I also love the little remark at the end, "Until the the next prise rise" it gave me a tonne of lols

Witteridderludo said...

I think "until I want to expand the armies" is more likely than the next price rise... the box sets are great value for money though