Friday, 23 October 2009

Save Money – But Only if You’re Fast!!

I was going to save this bit of information until my normal post on Sunday (this week – Making Trees, woo hoo!), but I've just realised that it'll probably be too late by then.

Many of you, especially those that read this blog regularly, are aware that I’m a big fan of Heresy miniatures , I love their style and quality and they’re my miniature manufacturer of choice. At the moment, Andy (who runs the company) is looking at moving into new premises and therefore needs a bit of cash and needs to clear some space, to this end, he’s having a SALE. Unlike many miniature companies, this isn’t just the usual ‘stuff that never sells’ that he’s getting rid; of there’s some awesome stuff in there (such as the excellent ghouls pictured below) and all have a decent chunk of money knocked off.

The sale ends after Monday the 26th, so on Tuesday morning, all sale items will be taken down and everything will be back to it’s normal price. There really is no better time to go and check out the site and invest some money in this fantastic company.

Visit the sale site here.


Tristan said...

I saw this sale myself (though I don't know how you found out it's only running to the 26th, I looked everywhere for the end date)

I must say though, that the sale isn't that great. With the nearly standard 2 for $5 deal he's got going, I figured out the same order that I would get through the sale for $12.90 would cost me $13 otherwise.

Dave said...

The end date was posted on the 'news' section (hidden away towards the bottom).

Anyway, those 10c saved may come in useful elsewhere! :)

Anonymous said...

I really wish the Heresy miniatures site wasn't so painful. It's really, really grotty.

Mr.Esty said...

I think some of those ghouls will probably end-up as plague bearers in my army :)

catweasel said...

Mr. Esty have a look at the "Blights" on the Heresy site. Much better plaguebearers.