Sunday, 4 October 2009

Putting those skills to good use...

All this modeling, gaming, painting and saving money may be fun for a Frugal Gamer, but there are other uses for the skills that you may have picked up over the years. A couple of weeks ago I looked at some ideas for gaming related gifts for friends. This week I've been using my gaming and modelling acquired skills for non-gaming purposes.

This has all come about as I decided to use the plaster casting skills I picked up from making terrain to make Christmas decorations for my friends and family. I decided to make some 'alternative' Christmas decorations (nonreligious, funny, or just plain weird) and set to work making sketches. I used exactly the same method as for making wargaming terrain (i.e. make a master, cast a mould and then cast some plaster pieces) these then have hooks added, they're painted and then varnished. I'm quite happy with the results and I've got plenty of ideas for more. Here's what I've done so far, a man-eating snowman and the grave of Santa:
You can find my Etsy shop here, and an occasional blog dedicated to the making of the decorations here.

Happy Gaming (and crafting)!

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