Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oh My Gob!

I feel that I've passed a milestone this last week or so.  As many of you know I’ve been working on my Goblin army for Warhammer for over a year now, and progress has at times been slow.  However, over Christmas I made a big push to get it all finished and I’m now pretty much there.  I’ve got 2400pts worth of greenskins, about 95% of which are painted to some degree.
Now I’m not making any great claims to my painting or modelling skills, but there are a couple of bits and pieces that I’m quite happy with.

Night Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider

Squig (Maggot) Hoppers


Squig Herd

Rock Lobber Crew

Rock Lobber
There's still a few little bits to get finished, like basing and a couple of coats of matt varnish.  But, like the semifinals of a TV talent show, the pain and suffering is almost over.

When I started assembling the army, my intention was to build a full Night Goblin Army.  I didn’t do this for a couple of reasons, the first was that in the job lot of gobbos I bought there were a load of orcs that needed using.  Secondly, after getting spanked numerous times, the addition of a few bigger meaner warriors couldn’t hurt.  I’m still losing games, but at least I’m taking a few of the enemy with me.

I’ve played about a dozen games with my army and found it to be fantastic fun.  Magic is pretty powerful; the greenskins have their own miscast table, and the infamous 'Staff of Sneaky Stealin' which adds one of your opponents power dice to your dispel pool.  The animosity rule does mean that units can go running off on their own or just plain refuse to do what you ask which can be like herding cats, but then I like cats, so that’s okay.

From a Frugal point of view, I think I've managed to put together a good, fun army for a reasonable price (about £100 in total).  I've already had a year's worth of fun painting and modelling it and I'm sure I'll have many more years of entertainment (and disappointment) playing the army.  Well worth the investment.

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Von said...

You continue to put me to shame with your wickedly frugal ways, given that I must have spent three hundred quid in the last twelve months, on two armies I don't even own any more, AND they didn't look as nice as yours.

Glad to see my Goblins are getting a good home, though.

By the way: the Chaos Warriors have cost me less than £40 for 1500 points so far. Are you proud of me?

Bartender said...

You are very imaginative and have assembled together a well equipped army!

Gyro said...

The Big Boss on Gigantic Spider takes the cake, these look great!

Alexander Man said...

Your gobbos are really cool! Nice to see someone thinking out of the box for a change :)

Frugal Dave said...

Cheers Guys. Von, many thanks for the big box of goblins that got me started on all this. Rest assured that there were a few nights as I was cutting small pieces of balsa wood and glueing pieces of plastic together that the though of buying 'off the shelf' certainly appealed. Good work on the warriors by the way, can we expect some photos?

Von said...

@Dave - you can expect buckets of photos as soon as my digital camera arrives, at which point I will positively coat the Internet in pictures of toy soldiers. I've been saving up paintjobs for months...