Friday, 25 March 2011

Dark Eldar Progress

Hello blog fans, a bit of a short post this time as I'm taking Mrs Frugal up to sunny Scotland for the weekend.  For any American readers out there; Scotland is a small island to to the North of Britain, where all the food is filled with deadly bacteria which can only be killed by deep frying any meals.  Scotland (also known as 'Wales' or 'Ireland'), has lots of castles where the population live, only venturing forth to go looking for 'Freedom' which can only be achieved by beating the British team at a game of Soccer.  In 5000 years of Scotlandish history, this has never happened. 

While I'm away I'll leave you all to wonder at the fantistically mediocre paint jobs that I've applied to my old school Dark Eldar.  Remember that these are still works in progress and will look much worse when finished.

Happy Gaming!


arabianknight said...

As a Scotlander, sitting in my Cromwell blasted castle waiting to have my friday morning haggis roll (actually that last part is true) I can only say welcome. And leave your fruit at the border.

dwez said...

I really like the Dark Eldar. A nice contrast to all the typical black with some coloured line on all the edges schemes that the nu-Dark Eldar are painted.

pete the pagan-gerbil said...

I like the look of the vehicles - look a little like comets from a distance. Any close-ups or technique hints in there?

Frugal Dave said...

@AK just had some haggis for breakfast, lovely stuff!

Frugal Dave said...

@pete @dwez thanks guys. It took me a while to settle on the colour scheme. The main criteria was that it should look bright on my grey gaming table.

The jetbikes were airbrushed to give the flame effect, when they're done I'll post some better (closer) photos and give a bit of a write up.