Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Lion Roars!

I've returned safe and well from my trip up to Edinburgh last weekend; Mrs Frugal and I had a great time.  Of course, being the frugal gamer that I am, I made sure not to go over my gaming budget for the month whilst I was up there.  However, as I was technically ‘on holiday’ I was entitled to spend some of my ‘holiday money’ and I decided that rather than buying Mrs Frugal something nice or taking her out for a meal, I would buy myself a souvenir to remind me of my time north of the border.

I’d done a bit of research before traveling away and identified ‘Black Lion Games’ as the premier games retailer in Edinburgh.  I left Mrs Frugal picking out boxes of shortbread and went looking for it. 

I finally found it, and it looked like the dodgiest shop I’ve ever seen, if I wasn’t actively looking for it I’d have probably walked right past it.  It looks, to be honest, like a sex shop.  Judge for yourself:

Its well worth the trip though.  It may not be the biggest shop in the world, but it’s got a huge range of stock (miniatures, RPGs, boardgames, cards) and very friendly staff.  If you’re around the Edinburgh area, seek it out and tell them the Frugal Gamer sent you.

Here’s what I found in my hand after I left the shop:

Yes, like so many before me I have fallen foul of the temptation that is Warmachine.  And before anyone starts telling me that Menoth are a rubbish choice (they may well be) I decided on them as a starter force as I fancied something nice and white to paint to give me a break from all the dark and grubby miniatures I’ve been working on recently.  My poor eyes could do with a break.

So there you go, I’ve got some more miniatures to add to the unpainted pile and another set of rules to learn.  Maybe I’ll win some games at this one...

Happy Gaming


Von said...

There are no rubbish factions in Warmachine; there are only choices not appropriate to a player's style, which appear rubbish to the untrained eye.

Enjoy your Menoths. I look forward to enacting the Devourer's vengeance on you with my Circle at the earliest opportunity (not that that reference is likely to mean much to you, but I enjoyed it).

The Angry Lurker said...

"and I decided that rather than buying Mrs Frugal something nice or taking her out for a meal, I would buy myself a souvenir to remind me of my time north of the border"....standard shotgun wargame rule.

arabianknight said...

Surely that heart murmer from the food would be reminder enough??

I know what you mean about the shop, though. I still wonder what I'm walking into every time I go there!

Matt said...

Being a resident of the 'burgh, this is my local shop of guilty pleasure, and I agree it does look a bit dodgy from the outside!

Frugal Dave said...

Thanks Guys, I envy those of you in Edinburgh who get to visit there more often.

@AK, you'll be glad to hear that after nearly a week of eating cornish pasties again, my body is back to its physical peak!

Vaders Jester said...

Hey there.

I'm one of the hairy bums that works in the shop and just wanted to say thanks for the kind words :)
Sadly we're not a sex shop as that's probably more acceptable to be than a gaming store ;)


Frugal Dave said...

Hey Vaders, you're welcome!