Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Building a Talos in a Week - Day Six

At last it's done!  The last lick of paint has gone on, the static grass has been added and even the talons are nice and neatly varnished.  Yes, after six busy evenings of work, I have scratchbuilt and painted a Talos Pain Engine for my Dark Eldar army in Warhammer 40k.  Tomorrow I'll be taking my Dark Eldar down to the club to join forces with Shiny and his Tau to take on some Space Marines.  I hope it does well!  I'll collect all the photos together in the next few days and put up a full step by step guide on what I did.  Until now, feast your eyes on my poorly painted beast of terror!



Von said...

This is some strange new definition of 'poorly painted' with which I am unfamiliar, isn't it?

Like all your conversions, this is disturbing. I approve entirely. The weirdly exposed fleshy arm in particular is awesome.

Thomas Nissvik said...

"poorly painted"? You call that "poorly painted"? I'll show you "poorly painted"!
This is "poorly painted":

What you did is brilliantly painted. Not the same thing, not even the same ballpark.

Frugal Dave said...

Thanks guys, perhaps I was being a bit dramatic, though I'm not happy with how the wash has come out.

Anyway, I took the Talos to the club last night and it worked! It blew up a Space Marine Land Speeder and didn't get itself killed, huzzah!

Thomas Nissvik said...

Mission accomplished! You have proved that a scratch-built model can kill enemies just as effectively as a store-bought one.

Mike Howell said...

Of all the crazy scratch-builds I've seen this is one of my favorites. It is absolutely identifiable as a Talos (so much so that I saw the final pic and thought "did they release a new Talos model?") Well done.

arabianknight said...

I have not idea what a Talos is, but I like this, Dave. Well done.

Even the Eldar in the first picture seems wary of it, so it must be good!

Frugal Dave said...

Hi AK, a Talos is a Dark Eldar heavy support weapon/monster for Warhammer 40k.

@Thomas, @Mike; thanks guys. I'll certainly be using the phrase 'a scratch-built model can kill enemies just as effectively as a store-bought one' in the future!