Saturday, 16 April 2011

Don't get more games, get more gamers!

As regular readers know, I like to game.  I like to paint, I like to model, I like to write my silly little blog, but in the past year I have made a conscious effort to play more games.  Inevitably, like many other gamers, I have now started to look around for other gaming experiences; new games systems, new armies, bigger and more spectacular battles.  Of course, as a frugal gamer I fear the required expense that comes with these options.

Recently though, I have come across another option, which improves my gaming for minimal outlay;  I’m not getting more games systems, I’m getting more gamers.

This has come about in two ways, firstly I’ve joined the excellent gaming club here in Plymouth ‘Cross Swords’ and secondly I’ve managed convinced a non gaming friend to take up the dice.

Heavily themed, skirmish games such as Necromunda can really appeal to new players.
The benefits of joining a club are well known, but can’t be overstated.  Plenty of new players to face, lots of other armies to battle against, trial games of new systems, and even the ability to share lifts to tournaments and other events.  Of course, going to a club does have it’s costs.  Cross swords costs me £2.50 per visit for entry, a couple of pounds in petrol and the cost of a couple of drinks.  I visit every couple of weeks so the cost averages out quite well, and the idea of laying out my army in front of a room full of other players helps me to focus on getting figures painted and building the best army I can.

The second option is perhaps one that gamers rarely try; getting non-gamers to have a go.  I’m excluding those of us with children; we seem to be pressing dice into little pudgy palms before our poor sprogs can even sit up on their own.  As gamers, we can be a bit shy about telling our workmates and acquaintances about our hobby, and those of us that do will probably only mention that we ‘play wargames’  and if pushed we’ll tell them what game system we play. This is generally met with a fixed grin and a patronising nod of the head.  It is only rarely that others will ask for further details.  I do make a point of subjecting one of my work mates to terrifyingly detailed battle reports on a regular basis in an attempt to annoy him, try it, it works.

Anyway, I had the rare pleasure of a friend popping round a few weeks ago, looking at my figures on a shelf and asking me if he could try a game.  I thought it was some elaborate sting operation, but I eventually set up a couple of small scale trial games of different systems (Warhammer and Necromunda).  He really enjoyed the games and we’ve arranged some more for the future.

Gaming at a club can be great fun... and may include chocolate.
So over the last couple of months, I’ve managed to massively expand my gaming, without a huge outlay of cash.  I’ve also made a few friends, and brought a new person into the hobby.  Playing any existing games you own with new people, whether seasoned pros or n00bs, can be great fun and put a spark back into your gaming.  Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Happy Gaming.

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da Gobbo said...

got my mate Rich into man O'War, a really cool out of print GW game and he's hooked, will try him out on necromunda when i get some scenery on the go, but that won't be for a while as i'm in total WFB mode, thankfully he loves that too!