Saturday, 23 April 2011

Losing with my army and then against it...

Hello all,

It's been a busy week!  If you've been following me on twitter (you really should, I'm remarkably interesting), you'll have seen that I played some 40k (played twice, lost twice) and I've been working on completing my snotling pump wagons.

The 40k was against my regular gaming chum Lawrence; he had kindly agreed to lend me his Tau army so that I could play against my n00b gaming friend who would be using my Dark Eldar.  It was a rather good game; I really enjoy using the Dark Eldar, but they can be a bit fragile and susceptible to being shot at (aren't we all?) although the wyches and grotesques are amazing in close combat.  As I say, I lost the game, but I learned a lot from it.  I'm being far too cautious with my force.  I keep hiding them and trying to blast the enemy from a distance, what I really need to start doing is throwing them forward and getting them into combat as soon as possible, even if it means taking a few casualties on the way in.  Next time I imagine I'll have a good haul of slaves and a satisfying victory at the end of the game.  You heard it here first.

So Lawrence left and his Tau remained behind for me to use the following evening.  This was the first time 'The n00b' had played 40k and to cut a long story short, he won and loved it (I wonder if the two are connected?), he keen to try it again so expect more n00b 40k updates.  I'm glad he enjoyed it, but I was really hoping he'd get into Necromunda which we played last week.  There's been some talk at the club of setting up a Necro campaign, so I may have to get involved in that instead...

So yeah, a good week, with plenty of projects on the go as well.  Hopefully the snotling pumpwagons will be complete in the next week or so; when they're done I'll post a full 'how to' guide on their construction. I've also got another conversion project for my orcs and goblins in the planning stages, based on a Heresy miniatures kit, are there any guesses?

Happy Gaming!

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Von said...

Sirrah, only a churl includes a reference to the good master Lawrence without pimping his artwork, thusly. A. Churl.