Wednesday, 1 June 2011

You am an Winnar!!!!

Well, after the debacle of me being recognised as ‘Not Too Bad at Blogging', by some other internetters last week, I was pleased to receive a number of compliments from others out there who admire my work and appreciate my award:

An Internetter: Laughable. I'm mighty tired of it being the latest post on every damn gaming blog I visit. Sure is exclusive and prestigious.
The sooner this idiotic chain letter has worked its way through all the gaming blogs and has nowhere left to go the better, as I far as I'm concerned.
Frugal Dave: I did mention in my blog post that it was '…a chain letter with flattery'
An Internetter: While the gaming blogs continue to propagate this Stylish Blogger drivel, I'm afraid not reading them is the preferred option.
And while yes, you did mention that, you also decided to jump through all the Stylish Blogger hoops like a good little doggie anyway, and keep this crap going a bit longer. So it wasn't really worth mentioning it at all, was it?

(extract edited to ensure I look good)

It’s great to know that word of this blog has spread so far, that even those who have never read my work are familiar enough with it to give me the benefit of their wisdom.

Such priceless publicity now means that that the blog has reached the mighty pinnacle of over 200 followers.  Once again, I would like to thanks the sterling work of Pete, AK and Von for all their writing efforts, and assure them that the cheque is in the post.  I’d also like to thank all of you out there for being too lazy to unsubscribe.  Thanks!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have decided to hold another of my ‘fabulous’ quizzes, this time with wonderful free gifts for every reader.  Yes, you can claim a sheet of ‘Frugal Gaming’ stickers.  Details are here, or just click on the 'Free Stuff!' link at the top of the page.

As with the previous quiz, read the question, think about the answer and click on your best guess (no hovering!), if you’re right, you’ll be taken to the subject area (go back in your browser to return to the quiz).  If you’re wrong you’ll see my namesake Dave Elsewhere dancing for your pleasure.  Enjoy!

Question 1:  What kind of 40K monstrosity did I create using spare tanks parts, and the head of a giant?
Question 2: Von suggested that playing the same opponents with the same armies could become 'stale and unfulfilling, like...'
Question 3: Which famous singer was spotted among the ranks of Chaos Warriors at Exeter Legionary in May? 

Question 4: Von wrote a very well received article entitled ‘50 ways to leave…’

Question 6: Arabian Knight recommended some 'Free Reads', but what magazine did he NOT recommend?

Question 7: Arabian Knight wondered if it was possible to paint 3 terminators in the time it takes to watch a period drama.  Did he manage it?

Question 8: What did I use when making my Snotling pumpwagons?

Question 9: I recently had an article featured in Unseen Lerker magazine.  What was the subject?

Question 10: During the royal wedding weekend, what did Pete think that he could catch up on?

How did you score?
  • 10 out of 10: Frugal Superstar!
  • 7-9: Golden Demon
  • 3-6: Snotling
  • 0-2: 'While gaming blogs continue to propagate this drivel, I'm afraid not reading them is the preferred option.'


Von said...

Amusingly, I managed to get a Von-related question wrong. Goes to show how much attention even I pay to this drivel, ne?

Mikko said...

Oooh, I never should've read that TMP thread. What an absolute and utter that poster was. Sure, the Stylish Blogger award has been passed around like it's a chain letter, but where's the harm? I've discovered a ton of previously unknown blogs. Most of all I've enjoyed reading the small bits of personal information about fellow bloggers. Most of us just blog about hobbies, occasionally mentioning something personal in passing, so it was really interesting to read up on that side as well.

Then again, I'm biased since I passed on that cancer of a chain letter as well, thereby contributing to the eventual downfall of the West.

Thanks for the quiz, I scored a GD.

Frugal Dave said...

Von - for shame! Though I do wonder how I'd fare...

Good effort on the quiz Mikko, I can honestly say that you have achieved the highest score so far! (that has been reported to me), give yourself a pat on the back.

I'm glad you picked up a nomination for your blog, it's an excellent piece of work ;)

J Womack, Esq. said...

I went eight for ten.

What a waste.

Dr. Shiny said...

I got the full 10. However, this is because the links to the correct answers were in a different colour than the incorrect ones, which gave the game away immediately.

Your first troll! Your blog is all grown up now.

Domino looks good in red...

Frugal Dave said...

Yes, you've noticed the photoshopping!

The photo is actually from when the cat (Domino) got married, I then added a picture of Kate Middleton's face to his bride. Hey presto, Royal cat wedding!