Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Giant’s Lair

Rejoice, rejoice!   

Good news people, your prayers have been answered and the Gods have finally smiled on the South West of England.  This Saturday will see the grand opening in Plymouth of ‘The Giant’s Lair the South West’s Premier Gaming Venue.

From the venue's website: 

Opening 1st of October 2011
The open day allows players and potential players to check out the Lair and to see what all the fuss is about.
Throughout the day we will be running:
  • Apocalypse sized 40k madness
  • Warhammer monster mash up
  • Space Hulk missions on giant 3D board
  • Demonstration games of WWII tank battles
  • Talisman board game bash
  • Tables set up to come and play on
  • Raffle where you can win some great prizes
  • Membership sign up with the chance to win a massive replica sword!
  • Spot prizes on the day
  • Food and drink available in our bar and kitchen area 
Come and get involved in the mayhem or just pop by for a coffee.
Open from 0900 onwards.
We can't wait to see you at the Lair.

Having been for a sneaky look around last weekend, I can confirm that it is officially awesome with loads of purpose built gaming tables, a bar and even a working toilet.  If fact, I would give it my seal of approval, if I actually had one.

You can look at some of the photos of the Lair being prepared on the book of faces, and you can find directions here.
Anyway, make sure you get down there this Saturday for the grand opening, and make sure you tell them Frugal Dave sent you!

Happy Gaming

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