Sunday, 23 October 2011


I know, I know, I've been neglecting you.  I've spent the last couple of months actually, y'know, being Frugal.  It's the not having any money that does it.  Most of the hobby I've done has been other people's, for money, although I did find the time for a quick Warmachine tournament and I do have a NEW PROJECT on the go too.  Incidentally, if you happen to have some models that you want painted and can't be bothered with doing yourself, drop me a line here or via GAME OVER and we'll have a chat.  I'm no Marike Reimer, admittedly (she's better looking), but I'm cheap, quick and tabletop quality.


I'm doing a thing, over at the House of Paincakes blog network, sort of a contest thing where the winner gets a weekly series in front of a larger readership than I have ever dreamed of amassing.  Have been for a while now.  Didn't want to talk about it on this blog because Posting About Blogging is something I try not to do.  Content uber alles, and all that.

On the other hand, failure to leverage available resources in a competitive endeavour is the mark of a nebbish who shouldn't have signed up in the first place.  And I do have a credible shot at winning, which was... unexpected.

AND, AND AND AND, if I win, I'll never write a post about 40K.  Everyone bar Loquacious on the ol' HoP does that, as do most of the blogs on the roll, and it's getting boring.  I won't cheat and do Warmahordes either.  Vote for me, and be guaranteed a shot of something different every week - might be WFB, a historical, a Specialist Game, an RPG, a board game, a book review, something that isn't 40K.  A vote for Von is a vote for diversity - and that's not something this straight white able-bodied British bloke ever thought he'd be able to say with a straight face.

"Fnord" is also not something I can ordinarily say with a straight face.

So I suppose you should pop over to the International House of Paincakes and vote for me in this week's HoP Idol, so I can say more things like this, this,  this, and this.  No SPESS MAHREENS, ever.  Promise.


Dr. Shiny said...

That poster is awesome. I have saved it. In the future when you rise to power, it shall come in handy...

skywatcher said...

Add one vote.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am voting for Von. I will look forward to that board game. All I have is playing backgammon online nowadays.