Thursday, 24 December 2009

Frugal Review of the Year - Part 1

Hello everyone,

The end of the year is nearly upon us, so my Year of Frugal Gaming is now drawing to an end. In my last couple of posts I'll be looking back over the past twelve months and picking out some of my highlights from the past year. In part two, I'll talk about my favourite games and gaming related experiences of the past year, but today I'll look back at my favourite blog posts...

Necromunda Terrain

This post proved to be remarkably popular and remains one of the most viewed on the site, probably due to it being towards the top of the list when 'Necromunda Terrain' is typed into various search engines.
I was really pleased with the final results and it's certainly a project I'm going to expand on over the next year. After the original post I added a further post on making a Chemical Plant, which also got some great feedback.

Making Wire Trees
Making wire trees is one of those modelling subjects where you can find a load of different methods and advice on the net. I decided to have a go myself and come up with a quick, easy and effective method. I think I achieved my aims and it's proved to be quite a popular article.

Blood Bowl pitch

Probably the most popular of all my posts, this was the single piece that I had the most fun building and the one that I'm proudest of.It's also the biggest single piece I made and I had to pretty much make it up as I went along. However, I think the results speak for themselves!

Making Ladders
As I love playing Necromunda, I decided to make some ladders to allow my gang members to travel from one level to another.
I came up with two methods, for both metal and wooden effect ladders. The wooden ladders were inspired by an article from Wargames Illustrated, and the metal ladders I made up myself. Both worked well and have been well used on the gaming table!

Open letter to Games workshop
This final artticle hasn't had the enduring appeal of the 'How To' articles, but proved massively popular when first posted and provoked a bit of debate over on The Miniatures Page. It also provoked the odd giggle as well!

So, overall I think the most popular post have been those where I gave a little bit of guidance on making things! They were also the ones I enjoyed making most, so I'm glad they proved so popular! You can find loads more of these type of articles by clicking on the 'How to' tag on the right hand side of the page.

I'll be posting part two of my review in the next couple of days, Merry Christmas!


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I know I've enjoyed ripping off your trees. Eventually I'll get around to dressing and painting mine...

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