Sunday, 10 October 2010

Special 101st Blog Post Extravaganza!

Hooray!  This blog passed a couple of milestones in the last week or so; the last post was this blog's 100th (which helps any mathletes out there calculate my percentage of posts) I've also passed the 100 followers mark (106 as I write this) so I'd like to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to you all, and as a token of thanks, here's a photograph of me feeling suitably happy:

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've created a remarkable frugal gaming quiz based on previous posts on this blog.  There are no prizes, simply look at the 10 questions, think about your answer and then click on it (no hovering!), use the return button on your browser to return to the fun!  If you're right, you'll see; if you're wrong you'll get a Boom!

Question 1: What is the Frugal gaming motto?

 Question 2: Pete gave some tips on creating the perfect games night, what did he suggest?

Question 3: With a small amount of wood, a polystyrene sheet and a hand made 'x' template you can make.

Question 4: What method did Arabian Knight use to paint his Heroquest miniatures? 

Question 5: Which four of the following items have been made on this blog over the last two years?

Question 6: Is this a cycling blog? 
Question 7: What did Von say that his Warhammer army needed to have ' order to destroy you!'

Question 8: What is best used to strip paint from miniatures?

Question 9: Can I save money and use Christmas as an excuse to get some more painting done?

Question 10:Which three of the following offer fantastic free gaming resources?

Special Bonus Ultra Question!
The 75 minute long, straight to DVD extravaganza Ultramarines 'movie' is now available for advance order.  What price are we expected to pay for this visual feast?

I hope you enjoyed that.  Let know how you got on and I'll see you next time.

Happy gaming!


ADB said...

I had never seen that video before and had to pick myself up of the floor - I've met people like that before...

One question - when did Duff of Charm City cakes change his name and move North?

Main Blog:

BigLee said...

Congratulations. One milestone down and plenty more to come I'm sure. I always enjoy reading this blog so please keep it up.

Frugal Dave said...

Thanks Guys! Did you get them all correct? ;)

Von said...

I'd actually forgotten which of those things I needed most. Couldn't even be sure that it wasn't Space Marines, which is probably a sign of something.

Frugal Dave said...

Blimey Von, it really must be grim up north!