Friday 16 April 2010

Free Painting Service!

I'm always keen to receive emails from readers of this blog and the other day I got an interesting email from Dave (not me, apparently there are other people called Dave out there...), who is offering a Free Painting Service.  Yes, you heard correctly, a FREE painting service.

Like many of us, Dave looked in his cupboards and realised he had huge unpainted piles of lead, was still buying figures and didn't have the motivation to sit down and paint them.  A vicious circle.

He came up with a solution, here's the explanation on his blog:

I get other gamers... to send me your unpainted miniatures. Then I paint them and send them back. Brilliant, huh? It’s a great solution to my problems. Firstly, I’m not buying the figures. So, if I buy 0 and paint 1, then my painting to buying ratio is actually positive. Also, If I’ve got someone else’s miniature, I’m sure they are going to want it back, which gives me the motivation to actually paint it. 

I must say it's a crazy idea, but it just might work.  All that Dave asks is that you pay the postage (to him, he'll pay for it to come back to you), though he has mentioned setting up a PayPal 'tip jar' to accept any donations.

I can thoroughly recommend Dave's service; check out his blog, drop him a line and unburden yourself of your lead.

Note:  All photos on this post are Dave's own handiwork!


Flamekebab said...

Damn, he's in the US. Ah well.

Von said...

It wouldn't work for everyone (tournament entrants who are penalised for using painting services and can't bring themselves to lie, people who get huffy about using models other people have painted, &c, &c), but it's still a pretty good idea!

I do wonder how long it's going to be before someone sends him a whole army and asks for it by Thursday 'cause they've a tournament on, though.

Mr. Mahon said...

Interesting offer and a bold one! I really appreciate when people can do something for others and still find some kind of personal gain in it!

Well done and I hope the project/offer doesn't end too soon. I will probably not use it (there are other people who need it more) but I applaud such initiatives!