What is 'A Year of Frugal Gaming?'
A Year of Frugal Gaming is a Blog dedicated to 'Spending Less and Gaming More'. This basically means getting the most from all aspects of the gaming hobby, without spending wads of cash.

I (Frugal Dave) and my merry band of Frugal helpers post hints and tips on saving money and keep you updated (generally weekly) on how they can get through a year of frugal gaming. 

Can I join in?
Of course! If you want to post on the blog and tell the world all about your own Year of Frugal Gaming, get in touch and I'll give you posting permission on the blog.

How do I get in touch with you?
You can send me an email, or you can just leave a reply to any of the posts on the site.

What can I do to Support the Site?
The main thing I ask you to do is just to read and enjoy the posts! If you like, you can spread the word and tell others about the site as well, we always enjoy new readers.
Can I have my Items reviewed on your Blog?
Of course, as long as it is somehow related to gaming or anything remotely geeky, send me an email.

How many people visit the site?
Lots, the numbers vary day to day and week to week, but we've had over 40,000 hits in the last two years.  You can find up to date figures here.

This is all very nice, but where else can I go?
Well, a few more people are getting the Frugal Gaming bug, might we suggest the Gaming on a Budget series over on 'House of Paincakes', or Impala'sYear of Frugal Gaming for more hints and tips.

Do you have any friends?
Yes, the site is a member of various webrings (see the bottom of the page), and also a member of the 'From the Warp' blogger group and 'Bell of Lost souls'. Click the logos below to visit their sites.